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Trisotech Named to Top 25 Enterprise Architecture Solutions

CIO Solutions Recognizes

Trisotech among 25 Enterprise Architecture Solutions Transforming Business in 2016

Trisotech, a global leader in digital enterprise transformation solutions, is pleased to announce that CIO Solutions Magazine has named Trisotech to their list of 25 Enterprise Architecture Solutions Transforming Business in 2016.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and Fremont, CA, USA -May 16, 2016 — Trisotech ( and CIO Solutions today announced that Trisotech has been recognized by CIO Solutions-EA for 25 Enterprise Architecture Solutions Transforming Business 2016.

“Advancements in technology are drastically impacting the enterprise landscape and CIOs are leveraging these innovations to drive business value and gain significant upper hand in the industry. Trisotech continues to deliver the thought leadership, innovative vision, and ability to execute impeccably,” said Dianna Parker, Managing Editor of CIO Solutions. “We are proud to feature Trisotech in this edition for its range of revolutionary solutions that is setting a new benchmark in the EA arena.”

CIO Solutions features its ‘25 Enterprise Architecture Solutions Transforming Business’ list annually in recognition of the top tech organizations helping business around the world. A variety of subjective and objective criteria were used for choosing the winners. Trisotech specializes in Business Process Discovery, Business Process Management, Case Management, Decision Management, Digital Enterprise Solutions and Business Software Solutions.

CIO Solutions also says “Enterprise architecture’s primary goal, from an IT perspective, is to align application capabilities with business requirements… Every aspect of IT is becoming increasingly connected and the frameworks used are continuing to evolve, integrating elements such as big data and virtualization on the move. As we move into this new era, it is clear that greater solutions and effective management for EA processes will be required for a company to fully leverage its investment in technology. If enterprise architecture is successfully defined, implemented and followed—it can deliver the set of benefits—better, faster and cheaper… The CIO Solutions team, along with a panel of experts has extensively surveyed the market to chart out the top solution providers in the enterprise architecture arena.”

“We are very pleased to be included in this year’s list for this honor,” says George Barlow, Chief Sales Officer at Trisotech. “Trisotech is supplying new tools and ideas that simply didn’t exist before now and helping our customers tie strategic business goals to action plans from people at every level of the organization, from the executive suite to the operations floor. Trisotech’s main differentiator is its ability to simplify complex solutions which not only helps IT organizations but also the business people in the organization who execute business activities. Non-technical business people, architects and analysts can collaboratively participate in enterprise and business architecture visualization, discovery, modeling, innovation and process improvement through our Digital Enterprise Suite.”

About CIO Solutions

Published from Fremont, California, CIO Solutions is a print magazine that brings the real-world solutions, news, product trends, and hardware and software solutions to ensure that a CIO achieves more predictable performance and higher visibility into the environment. Through nominations and consultations with industry leaders, its editors choose the best in different domains. The EA Special Edition is an annual listing of 25 Enterprise Architecture Solutions Transforming Business in the U.S.

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About Trisotech

Trisotech is a global leader in digital enterprise transformation solutions, offering innovative and easy-to-use software tools that allow customers to discover, model, analyze, transform and find insights into their digital enterprise processes and business decisions. Trisotech customers use The Digital Enterprise Suite to provide new and revolutionary ways for their knowledge workers to collaborate and succeed in an increasingly global, connected and competitive world. Trisotech products are providing digital transformation help to manufacturing, financial, healthcare, insurance, energy, distribution, government, and many other types of organizations.

Trisotech is a privately held company.



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