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Trisotech and Leonardo Consulting Announce Partnership

Trisotech and Leonardo Consulting Team Up for Greater Client Success

Trisotech, the leading provider of highly visual and interactive software tools that help organizations innovate, transform and improve their operations, is pleased to announce that they have formed a partnership with Australia-based Business Process Management, Automation, Consulting and Training services provider Leonardo Consulting.

Red Hat Summit, San Francisco, CA, May 10, 2018 — Trisotech ( announced today that they have formed a partnership with Leonardo Consulting (Leonardo), an organization that delivers outcome-based solutions through process improvement, automation and integration supported by an enhanced customer experience. Leonardo is headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and has offices in Melbourne, Perth and Byron Bay.

According to Adam Mutton, Managing Director of Delivery for Leonardo, “Trisotech enables Leonardo Consulting to foster an innovative, collaborative approach for the subject matter experts at its clients. Trisotech’s Digital Enterprise Suite is a modelling environment that helps Leonardo design, model and execute its customers’ business processes & business rules. Organisations globally are demanding digital and mobile enablement to streamline and automate their processes to improve the customer experience and drive revenue. Trisotech’s modelling platform delivers BPMN, CMMN and DMN which are crucial artefacts to drive consistency that connects business strategy to automation, integration and implementation for Leonardo’s clients.”

“Trisotech is very excited to be partnering with Leonardo,” says Trisotech Chief Sales Officer, George Barlow. “Leonardo Consulting is an acknowledged thought-leader in process management practice, and has an experienced team delivering technical outcomes for their clients – from strategy to execution.

“Leonardo serves a wide spectrum of customers in the public and private sectors in Australia and around the world by delivering a range of products and services in the consulting, delivery and development arenas.

“Combining Leonardo’s expertise in assisting customers to improve organizational performance by documenting, analyzing, improving and managing business processes with our Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite will provide Leonardo clients additional benefits. These include powerful and comprehensive new ways to visualize, innovate, transform and improve through tools like our Discovery Accelerator, Business Process Modeling, Case Management Modeling, Decision Management Modeling, and exciting data visualization via the Insight Analyzer – all powered by Trisotech’s revolutionary Digital Enterprise Graph.”

About Leonardo Consulting

Leonardo Consulting is an advisory firm enabling continuous process improvement through technology. They have 20 years expertise enabling Business Process Management, Automation and Integration for their clients. Leonardo Consulting was founded in Brisbane in 1999 and is synonymous with the improvement of organizational management and the delivery of systems that drive value for their stakeholders. Leonardo has worked with many leading enterprises in APAC to enhance the performance of their business processes through analysis and automation as well as integrating their applications and data to enable disruptive technologies. Leonardo’s work is unrelentingly focused on helping customers achieve their goals, and gain that crucial competitive advantage in the market as well as to scale for future growth.


About Trisotech

Trisotech is a global leader in digital enterprise transformation solutions, offering innovative and easy-to-use software tools that allow customers to visualize, innovate, transform and improve their digital enterprise processes and business decisions. Trisotech customers use The Digital Enterprise Suite to provide new and revolutionary ways for their knowledge workers to collaborate and succeed in an increasingly global, connected and competitive world. Trisotech products are providing digital transformation help to communications, agriculture, manufacturing, financial, healthcare, insurance, energy, distribution, government, and many other types of organizations.

Trisotech is a privately held company.



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