Trisotech Introduces the Knowledge Entity Modeler


Trisotech Introduces the Knowledge Entity Modeler

The new application will support clients in building a shared understanding of business knowledge.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, October 1st, 2020 — Trisotech ( today announced a new web application as part of the Digital Modeling Suite: the Knowledge Entity Modeler. It is an easy to use business vocabulary tool that ensures clear and unambiguous communications across an organization.

“This new application adds another powerful visual modeling tool to our Digital Modeling Suite,” says Denis Gagne, Chief Executive Officer of Trisotech. “It will help our clients set up common definitions for business entities and their relationships, define business rules, and specify the associated logical information structure of selected entities.”

Using the Knowledge Entity Modeler, business and IT users can jointly specify business vocabularies containing the terms they commonly use along with their exact definition. Moreover, they can create concept maps and specify logical information and business rules to provide a clear expression of meaning to the organization. The resulting semantically rich business language is reusable in narrative communications, business process, case, and decision models, as well as in software applications specifications.

“We realized that our clients and organizations in general are still busy getting their people, processes, systems, and data under control. Most of the time, the problem is not documenting or storing the information, but rather the lack of a common shared understanding of the underlying business concepts,” adds Mr. Gagne. “It is much harder to transform and improve the way things work in an organization when basic business communication is failing.”

The Knowledge Entity Modeler is the perfect tool for resolving this issue, because it allows business and IT to collaborate on the creation of common vocabularies, rules and structures. It also enables users to capture business concepts and relationships through graphical concept maps.

Try the Knowledge Entity Modeler today.

The Knowledge Entity Modeler is available through a Trisotech Digital Modeling Suite subscription only. Learn more about the Digital Modeling Suite.

About Trisotech

Trisotech is a global leader in digital transformation solutions. Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite is a highly visual and interactive software suite that enables technical resources to encapsulate programmatic logic and lets non-technical business people assemble the business logic to innovate, transform and improve their business. Combining concepts of simplicity, usability and collaboration in the cloud, the Digital Enterprise Suite is composed of the Digital Modeling Suite and the Digital Automation Suite. Trisotech customers use the Digital Modeling Suite to create a digital twin of their organization using visual models and the Digital Automation Suite to leverage business automation as a service in industries such as healthcare, finance and the public sector. Trisotech is a privately held company.



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