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Montreal, QC – May 25, 2021 — Trisotech (, a leading provider of Intelligent Business Automation-as-a-Service, today announced that it has been featured as the cover story in a Digital Health special edition of HealthTech Magazine titled Trisotech – Bridging the Business-IT Divide.

Trisotech, through their digital transformation solutions, is driving innovation in many industries including healthcare. Trisotech healthcare clientele include international and U.S. acute care hospitals, healthcare insurance organizations, renowned teaching hospitals, and healthcare professional organizations.

The cover article discusses how using Trisotech workflow and business decision modeling along with Trisotech automation engines helps healthcare organizations blend IT challenges with clinical practices. According to Trisotech Founder, CEO and CTO, Denis Gage, “Most healthcare providers want centralized, easy-to-understand and change standard process and decision methodologies. They not only want tools that adhere to international standards for building those processes and decisions, they also want those tools to support other standards like FHIR® for data storage and retrieval and CDS Hooks for real-time decision support at the point of care. We do all that and more.”

“We are very pleased that HealthTech Magazine has recognized our transformative innovation in the healthcare space,” continues Gagne, “and has provided this article that delves into our innovations in an informative and easy to understand way. We are also pleased to be a founding member of the BPM+ Health community where these ideas including our nearly 1,000 free pre-built evidence-based workflow and decision models are being put into practice every day. These models are human-readable, machine automatable, and embeddable in most medical encounter systems. Healthcare organizations can use these models, created under the direction of Trisotech CMO John Svirbely, as they are, or quickly and easily modify them to fit the exact nature of their organization’s policies and procedures. Healthcare organizations can also, of course, create their own processes and decisions from scratch since the easily understood visual models can be built and shared by practitioners, IT and business people.”

Founded in 1996, Trisotech aids enterprises in realizing their Digital Transformation goals by visualizing, improving, innovating, transforming, and automating their most critical business processes.

About Trisotech

Trisotech is a global leader in digital transformation solutions. Trisotech The Digital Enterprise Suite is a highly visual and interactive software suite that enables technical resources to encapsulate programmatic logic and lets non-technical business people assemble the business logic to innovate, transform and improve their business. Combining concepts of simplicity, usability and collaboration in the cloud, the Digital Enterprise Suite is composed of theDigital Modeling Suite and the Digital Automation Suite. Trisotech customers use the Digital Modeling Suite to create a digital twin of their organization using visual models and the Digital Automation Suite to leverage business automation as a service in industries such as healthcare, finance, and the public sector.

Trisotech is a privately held company.



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