Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite: Review from MWD Advisors

In-depth review: Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite

MDW Advisors, an independent technology and advisory services firm, has analyzed the Digital Enterprise Suite features and produced an in-depth review of the tool. Amongst other things, the review appraises the multi-discipline set of views and modelling tools that spans the entire modelling spectrum. The article also clearly states the great value the advisors attribute to the DMN Modeler.


Trisotech is making great strides in the emerging arena of Decision Management. It has a long pedigree in the standards management space – especially around BPMN and CMMN – both in pushing the boundary of what’s possible with the standard itself, and also in creating easy to use software to support that standard. It’s newest addition to the portfolio is a DMN modeller that’s now tightly integrated with the BPMN and CMMN modelling canvases. Integration with the Red Hat open source environment makes for a very interesting combination.



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