Trisotech DMN Modeler Now Supports DMN 1.3


Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite Now Supports DMN 1.3

Trisotech consolidates market leadership by implementing the new version of the leading international standard for decisions, both at the modeling and the execution level.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, June 4, 2020 — Trisotech ( today announced that the latest version of its Digital Enterprise Suite fully supports the new Decision Model and Notation (DMN) 1.3 specification within its Decision Modeler application and Decision Automation engine.

DMN 1.3 is a modeling notation standard defined by the OMG (Object Management Group) that provides a consistent way to model decisions across the company. DMN ensures that the business analysts who create decision specifications, the developers who build the decision automation systems, and the business people who monitor and manage the results are all speaking in the same language, improving the ability to define, implement and manage decisions effectively.

There are several new enhancements in DMN 1.3, the most important of which are new temporal reasoning functions to the FEEL programming language. Temporal logic is any system of rules and symbolism for representing and reasoning about propositions qualified in terms of time. The addition of these functions improves the ability of both technicians and business experts to more easily express and compare points in time and time intervals, something that is critical to most business decisions.

“Time is a crucial factor for most businesses’ everyday decision activities. Within business operations, decisions are often dependent on the time, or period they are made,” said Denis Gagné, CEO and CTO of Trisotech. “However, the relationships between time and decision making in the previous versions of DMN remained rather basic.”

Trisotech is a contributor to the DMN specification and helped lead the effort to include the new temporal reasoning functions in the latest version. The temporal constructs were deployed early in the Digital Enterprise Suite and introduced to the public at the DecisionCAMP conference in July 2019.

The Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite is the first business modeling and automation platform to include both the mandatory technical features of DMN 1.3, as well as the user-facing features like temporal reasoning. The features are available in both the modeling tool and the execution engine providing end-to-end compliance with the standard.

Other updates a part of DMN 1.3 include visual group annotations and new FEEL functions to inspect the content of contexts (get value, get entries).

Companies interested in learning more about the temporal reasoning improvements and seeing how they increase the effectiveness of decisions can request a trial of Trisotech Decision Modeler today.

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