Strategy to Execution – How to bridge the gaps of cross-organizational transformation

In the “Strategy to Execution… How to bridge the gaps of cross-organizational transformation” webinar we will discuss the next challenges most organizations face when starting their Digital Transformation journey. We’ll continue going over the most recognized challenges facing business leadership teams, learn what industry experts are saying about the importance of business users to the future of the Digital Enterprise, and how new holistic tooling (Trisotech DES) enables the Business Users to participate in, and own, their Business improvement process.
Target Audience
Business Users, Business Heads, and IT Users. This Webinar is for all stakeholders in the organization. If you’re involved in the process improvement or digital transformation processes of your organization, and want to learn about the challenges and solutions of Digital Transformation, this event is for you.
Webinar Outline
  1. Introduction by the moderator (Chief Sales officer at Trisotech corporation, George Barlow)
  2. Presentation of Webinar (Sr. Enterprise Sales Consultant, Omar Elsharkawi)
  3. Case Study (Omar Elsharkawi)
  4. Live Questions from the Audience (After presentation)
  5. Closing remarks by the Moderator

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