The Road to an Agile Business


Every business leader desires to head up a business that can change course quickly; one that would rapidly realize the vision of being anticipatory, adaptable and versatile. Clearly, the main challenge is to develop all business capabilities to continuously adapt, keep products and services relevant and ways of working flexible. Business processes, requisite capabilities, shared data, supporting technologies, business decisions and rules, human competencies and culture, organization structure and roles, measurement and even the business model itself must work in concert. To achieve this harmony, the business must be designed with a true value delivery perspective from end to end, from customer back to customer, and across a whole value chain especially if it involves multiple departments and external partners which have to be in complete alignment. With the move to a digitalized planet, the challenge is more acute since services and data must now be connected in support of a full customer journey serving multiple personas, scenarios, channels and touch points. This session introduces some key requirements to establish a truly agile business. Borrowing from the recently published ‘Business Agility Manifesto’, co-authored by the session leaders, it will describe what’s needed to thrive on uncertainty and to be able to reconfigure the business almost on demand.

This webinar focuses on:
  • Attributes of an agile business
  • The critical role of business architecture and a shared knowledge base to enable confident and easy change
  • How to use process and data models to make fast design decisions
  • Sustainability and the right amount of governance
  • Getting executives to understand and act
Featured Panelists

Roger Burlton, President at Process Renewal Group, Author, Consultant, Speaker

Sasha Aganova, Managing Partner at Process Renewal Group


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