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CMMN Modeler November 18, 2014 (Version: 4.2.12)
New and Improved Features:
  • It is now possible to drag and drop a shape on a link to add it to the flow.
  • The link constraints are now kept, whenever possible, when moving nodes.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where when the page was resized or when a link was changed which had a user position label, the label would not follow.
  • Fixed an issue where the paste icon, in the contextual menu, would sometimes be missing when paste is disabled.
CMMN Modeler October 21, 2014 (Version: 4.2.10)
New and Improved Features:
  • CMMN Web Modeler has been updated with the final CMMN 1.0 specification standards.
    • Repetition rule marker has been updated to adhere to the CMMN 1.0 standard.
    • Changed Automatic Activation to Manual Activation and aligned the marker.
  • Added vertical and horizontal spacers to easily add or remove space within your diagram.
  • The inner links constraints are now kept when moving a container.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where when you move or resize a container, the connected links would not be properly updated .
CMMN Modeler October 9, 2014 (Version: 4.2.9)
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where sentries would go behind their target.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing tasks to get duplicated when undoing/redoing a type change.
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor would switch to a forbidden icon while resizing.
  • Tooltips is now discarded when the Log Viewer window is closed.
CMMN Modeler September 23, 2014 (Version: 4.2.8)
Bug Fixes:
  • Very large diagrams are not getting cropped any more when using the browser’s print function.
CMMN Modeler September 9, 2014 (Version: 4.2.7)
New and Improved Features:
  • It is now possible to toggle between collapsed and expanded Stage/Plan Fragments.
  • Reorganized the contextual menu.
  • Improved the look of the contextual menu.
  • It is now possible to rename a shape simply by selecting it and typing.
CMMN Modeler August 5, 2014 (Version: 4.2.6)
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that sometime could result in overriding an existing model or saving an empty model when using the “Create Diagram” button.
  • The Log viewer is now closed when a new model is loaded or created.
CMMN Modeler July 28, 2014 (Version: 4.2.4)
New and Improved Features:
  • The Ribbon bar is now collapsible.
Bug Fixes:
  • Improved the performance when creating a stage from selection.
  • Improvements to the undo function.
  • Fixed links routing when creating a stage from selection in some cases.
  • Creating a new model now gives an empty undo/redo history.
CMMN Modeler July 2, 2014 (Version: 4.2.3)
New and Improved Features:
  • Added a highlight to a container node (I.E.: case plan model, stage) when a node can be added to it.
  • Added an asterix in name of the diagram and save icon visual cues when the diagram is modified.
  • Added capability to save with CTRL+S shortcut.
  • Upon save prompt, the diagram name is now displayed instead of “current diagram”.
Bug Fixes:
  • It is now easier to connect on sentries with any number of links.
  • Fixed an issue where an unconnected link could not be reset.
  • Fixed an issue where the save dialog was not always shown when model was modified.
  • Fixed an issue where a dialog box to save a diagram was shown when diagram was empty.

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