PHQ-9 Automatable Guidelines

As presented by:

Steve Hasley and Denis Gagné


Assuring high-quality care and best-practice support across VA facilities and community care providers necessitates compliance with good industry clinical practices. The challenge is that Clinical Practice Guidelines are authored in natural language, using different approaches and styles, and are often ambiguous or incomplete. The result is that different readers have differing interpretations of what is being communicated, leading to difficulty in implementation, inconsistencies, and poor or erroneous adoption.

The BPM+ family of standards addresses these concerns through the use of formal expression languages, allowing for the visual capture/depiction of activities of care workflows and the logic of clinical decisions using intuitive and unambiguous visual notations. The result are clinical guidelines (also referenced as “shareable clinical pathways”) that are more effectively authored, consumed, and implemented than their natural language counterparts. Moreover, these artifacts can be directly consumed by systems in both simulation or production, reducing ambiguities and interpretive errors.

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