Overcoming the challenges of financial decisions with DMN


This webinar explains how decision management and a decision model based approach can overcome many of the challenges of implementing compliance systems: aggressive deadlines, increasing complexity, inconsistent and ambiguous requirements, misunderstood data dependencies, constant change requests and the need for post hoc explanation and transparency. We illustrate the benefits of decision modeling using real examples from financial regulatory compliance.

This webinar covers:
  • What is the Decision Model and Notation (DMN), an open standard for modeling complex business decisions
  • Insights into how to automate and improve the transparency of your compliance implementations using DMN
  • How DMN enables a model-driven approach to compliance that reduces the needs for code development, lowers the risk of error and improves agility
  • A live demonstration using Trisotech’s DMN Modeler to model parts of a regulatory system
  • Tried and tested DMN techniques for quickly determining your true data dependencies, handling change and improving accountability
Featured Panelist
Jan Purchase, Co-Founder & Financial Decision Management Consultant, Lux Magi

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