Use the AI developed by Open AI to ask questions or generate images.

Creates a model response for the given chat conversation.

Creates a completion for the provided prompt and parameters.

Creates a new edit for the provided input, instruction, and parameters.

Creates an image given a prompt.

Creates an edited or extended image given an original image and a prompt.

Creates a variation of a given image.

Creates an embedding vector representing the input text.

Transcribes audio into the input language.

Translates audio into English.

Returns a list of files that belong to the user's organization.

Upload a file that contains document(s) to be used across various endpoints/features.

Delete a file.

Returns information about a specific file.

Returns the contents of the specified file

Creates a job that fine-tunes a specified model from a given dataset. Response includes details of the enqueued job including job status and the name of the fine-tuned models once complete.

List your organization's fine-tuning jobs

Gets info about the fine-tune job.

Immediately cancel a fine-tune job.

Get fine-grained status updates for a fine-tune job.

Lists the currently available models, and provides basic information about each one such as the owner and availability.

Retrieves a model instance, providing basic information about the model such as the owner and permissioning.

Delete a fine-tuned model. You must have the Owner role in your organization.

Classifies if text violates OpenAI's Content Policy

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