Manipulate OneDrive through Microsoft Graph API.

Get Drive's informations

Get user's Drive's inforamtions'

List DriveItem resources in user's Drive

List children in the root of the current user's drive

Create folder

Create a new folder the user's drive

Get DriveItem by path

Get DriveItem by path

Get DriveItem by id

get a DriveItem by id

Move DriveItem

Move a DriveItem to a new folder

Delete DriveItem

Delete a DriveItem

Search for DriveItems within a Drive

Search DriveItems

Enumerate the DriveItem resources in a specific DriveItem

List content of DriveItem

Create folder in parent

Create a new folder in a specified parent folder

Upload file

Upload a file to a specified folder

Get file by id

Get file by id

Get file by path

Get file by path

OneDrive notification

Receive an update when OneDrive content has been updated

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