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Let’s Get Started

Here are a few useful things that you will want to try in your instance of Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite:

Create accounts on your instance

Only the administrator of the instance can create accounts for others on the instance.

  1. Go to the Administration application:
    • Click on the Administration icon under the 9 tiles icon.
  1. Create a new account:

    • In the “Client Access Licenses” section on the left, click on the “Invite Users” button in the top right corner.
    • In the window that appears, enter the email address of the person you want to invite. This will be their username.
    • Click “Next”.
  1. Share existing Places with the new user:

    • You can decide to give that user access to any places on your instance in read or Read/Write by clicking on the square on the left of the place.
    • Click “Next”.
  1. Send an email to the new user:

    • You can decide to send an email to that user to let them know about their new access. You can edit the subject and the text of the mail. Also, you can uncheck “Send an invitation” if you prefer to tell this user in another way.
    • Click “Invite” to complete the invitation process.

Create a shared place

  1. Create a shared place:

    • To create a new shared place, press on the “+” button at the end of the list of places.
    • The button “Create a new place” appears.
    • You will get the popup to name your new place. Name it as you wish and hit “enter”.

Shared a place with a colleague

To invite another user to see the models within a place for which you are the owner.

  1. Choose the place to share:

    • Right-click on the place you want to share and choose “Share” from the menu.
    • Click on the “Invite” button.
  1. Invite your colleague and choose rights:

    • Invite the user with an email address. The address will be autocompleted for you.
    • Decide which rights you want to give to that user, either Read-only (can view) or Read/Write (can edit).
    • Click “Next”.
  1. Send an email to the user:

    • You can decide to send an email to let the user know that they now have access to this place. You can edit the proposed subject and/or email or decide not to send it by unchecking “Send invite email” at the bottom.
    • Click “Invite” to finish the sharing.

“Save as” a model from your own personal place to a shared place

  1. “Save as” a model from your own personal place to a shared place:

    • Open the model that you want to save on a different place.
    • From the menu, choose “File-Save As…”
    • Choose the place where you want to save that model. You can also use that moment to rename the model.
    • Press “Save” once you are done.

Create a version of a file

Every save you do on a model will create a version to which you can go back if you need to. This can be done by right-clicking on a file in the Trisotech Digital Enterprise Server page and choosing “Version”. Those interim versions will be kept for 90 days. To keep a model forever, you need to give it a version number.

  1. Create a version of a file:

    • Open the model for which you want to create a new version number.
    • From the menu, choose “Teamwork” and “Publish”.
    • Decide the version number you want to give to that model and the state you want to give to that version. “Draft” should be used for something that is not complete yet, “pending approval” for a model that is ready to be reviewed and “Published” for a model that is production ready.
    • Click “Publish”.

Create a Word or HTML report from a model

  1. Create a word or HTML report from a model:

    • Open the model for which you want the report.
    • In the menu “Import-Export”, in the documentation section, choose if you want a Microsoft Word or HTML report and click on the appropriate button.
    • A window will now show, letting you choose what you want to be part of your report.
    • Click “Generate” once your choice is complete. This will generate the report that you would need to save somewhere.

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