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Dr. John Svirbely, MD, is Chief Medical Informatics Officer (CMIO) for Trisotech.

Dr. John Svirbely, MD, is an experienced pathologist and medical microbiologist from the United States, boasting over four decades of professional experience in clinical practice.

He holds a BA from Johns Hopkins University and an MD from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. In his role as CMIO, Dr. Svirbely plays a crucial part in guiding the Trisotech team in the creation of technological solutions aimed at addressing both present and future challenges in the healthcare sector.

With his extensive background in clinical care and healthcare information technology (HIT), Dr. Svirbely is a valuable asset to Trisotech. His contributions have been instrumental in the development of a comprehensive Clinical Decision Services library, which is now readily accessible to various organizations via the Trisotech Healthcare feature Set (HFS). These services, designed for easy integration via API into any application, enable the incorporation of evidence-based knowledge into the healthcare workflow.

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