Insight Analyzer

Insight Analyzer – Release Notes – October 5, 2015

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New and Improved Features:
  • New Learn ribbon added to the navigation bar. It contains:
    • The help documentation.
    • EU-Rent Case Study.
  • Added the Release Notes link in the About information box.
    • Added Description field,
    • Added a Discretionary for activities.
    • Added the W5 relation fields,
    • Added Time, Cost, Value and Quality fields for activities,
  • Adjusted Insight Analyzer use cases:
    • Context menu actions are now disabled if there is no action to be done.
    • The +/- buttons in the context menu now only display W5/semantic relations.
    • The child/parent buttons now only show one step at a time and now have the same behaviour as the +/- buttons.
    • The +/- and parent/child context menu actions are now cumulative.
    • Each view is now independent. Only the selection is persisting.
    • Search input is now erased after a selection is done.
    • The graph view now shows all the relations, including child of.
    • The filter panel is now enabled only for the Graph view.
    • Context menu has been removed in the Node view.
    • Removed the multiple selection function.
    • The focus panel has been removed.

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