Insight Analyzer

Insight Analyzer – Release Notes – June 24, 2015

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New and Improved Features:
  • Addition of the Summary, Details, Analyze and Alignement tabs in the new Dashboard View:
    • The Summary tab allows users to have a quick overview in numbers of what is present in the graph.
    • The Details Tab gives you a breakdown of all the elements present in your graph, filtered by specific type.
    • The Analyze Tab give you a breakdown of what elements are present in your graph in relation to the total number of elements present.
    • The Alignment Tab gives you information on how much your graph is aligned with particular accelerators used in your project.
  • Addition of the tooltip functionality in the Dashboard View. The tooltip functionality gives users the possibility to hover over a certain element in the Dashboard and quickly get more information on the element.
  • Addition of the Node View functionality. The Node View functionality gives the users the ability to visualize nodes in relation to the files where they come from, perform impact based analysis based on the graph interconnectedness and gain insight through filtering of the nodes.

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