Edit excel files using their API.

Close session

close an existing workbook session

Create session

create a new workbook session

Get range

Gets the range object specified by the address or name.

Update range

Update the properties of range object.

Insert range

Inserts a cell or a range of cells into the worksheet in place of this range, and shifts the other cells to make space. Returns a new Range object at the now blank space.

Refresh session

refresh an existing workbook session

List tables

Retrieve a list of table objects.

Add table

Create a new table.

Get table

Retrieve the properties and relationships of table object.

Update table

Update the properties of table object.

Delete table

Deletes the table.

List columns

Retrieve a list of tablecolumn objects.

Create column

Use this API to create a new TableColumn.

List rows

Retrieve a list of tablerow objects.

Create row

Adds rows to the end of the table.

List worksheets

Retrieve a list of worksheet objects.

Add worksheet

Adds a new worksheet to the workbook.

Get worksheet

Retrieve the properties and relationships of worksheet object.

Update worksheet

Update the properties of worksheet object.

Get cell

Gets the range object containing the single cell based on row and column numbers.


Clear range values, format, fill, border, etc.


Deletes the cells associated with the range.

Get range format

Retrieve the properties and relationships of rangeformat object.

Update range format

Update the properties of rangeformat object.


Merge the range cells into one region in the worksheet.


Unmerge the range cells into separate cells.

List worksheet tables

Retrieve a list of table objects.

Get usedrange

The used range is the smallest range that encompasses any cells that have a value or formatting assigned to them.

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