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DMN Modeler – Release Notes – September 2, 2015

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New and Improved Features:
  • Added the possibility to Reverse Direction of links from the context menu.
  • Added the possibility, in the Decision Table’s Input column, to select from the available Input Data or Sub-Decision shapes in the canvas.
  • Added the Boxed function to the Business Knowledge Model.
  • Added the documentation functionality which allows to create documentation on DMN elements.
  • It is now possible to edit Complete Decision Attributes:
    • Decision Makers
    • Decision Owners
    • Supported Objective
    • Impacted Performance Indicators
    • List from organizations unites
    • List from objectives
    • List of performance indicators
  • It is now possible to edit Complete Knowledge Source Attributes:
    • Owner
    • Type
    • Location URI
    • Single organizational unit
    • Single string
  • Improved the feedback when moving nodes. The selection now has the same bounds as the shape, on multi-selection each selected shape shows its bounds and the links are not selected with a thick line anymore.
  • Added the Select All/Select None buttons in the ribbon to easily select all or none of the shapes in the canvas. For shortcut lovers, CTRL-A still works!
  • Made improvements to the ghost from the palette to better represent the selected shape.
  • In Decision Table, the fields are now automatically populated with existing values, if any, when changed an input or output type to collection.
Bug Fixes:
  • It is now easier to grab the end point of a link to connect it to a shape.
  • Fixed an issue where snap to guidelines function would miss shapes that were previously selected.
  • The Decision Table in Internet Explorer now shows the full hover color in the dropdown menu.

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