Decision Modeler

DMN Modeler – Release Notes – October 9, 2018

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New and Improved Features:
  • Include decisions are now supported by the Animator.
  • Decision Services are now indexed in the Dictionary and the Digital Enterprise Graph.
  • When entering an identifier that already exist in the current diagram for a different element, you can now optionally choose to increment the conflicting identifiers automatically.
Bug fixes:
  • Prevented a specific case where it was possible to have Input Data as Encapsulated Decision in a Decision Service.
  • When creating a type from a decision table header, the constraints were duplicated.
  • When changing the type in an included model, its type was not automatically changed in the including models.
  • Fixed an issue with modifying the content of merged cells in a decision table would not always change the value for all the cells.
  • When an input was linked twice to a decision, it was asked twice when testing or animating.
  • Prevented cases where the text of the tooltip for context entry execution result could go outside of the tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed decision table annotations to be merged.
  • There was a problem preventing certain decision publication to the cloud on Microsoft Edge.

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