Decision Modeler

DMN Modeler – Release Notes – October 31, 2018

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New and Improved Features:
  • Improved the auto-completion suggestion on decision table headers to propose breath first elements instead of depth first elements. This has the double benefit of greatly improving the performance on large data models and improving the quality of the proposed results.
  • When copy/pasting elements between two models, non visible references will now be transferred to the target model.
  • Custom attributes values will now offer auto-completion based on values already entered for the same custom attribute key.
  • Using the dictionary, it is now possible to view included data types details the same way we can edit locally defined data types.
  • A logout button was added to the file menu and the preference menu styling was aligned with the rest of the application.
  • The digital enterprise graph and dictionary elements are now sorted in alphabetical order.
Bug fixes:
  • When serializing to DMN 1.2, Java function type were not property serialized according to the DMN 1.2 specification.
  • Various bug fixes around properly supporting Input Data with dots in their name when they were not included.
  • Fixed an incorrect caption on the test case button title.

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