Decision Modeler

DMN Modeler – Release Notes – March 15, 2017

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New and Improved Features:
  • The animator now supports all types of boxed expression
  • Decision table input and output types and constraints are now synched across the decision graph. Changing the type or constraint of a decision table will now propagate that change through information requirement links making sure that the model stay consistent and that reuse of constraints is easier. Note that this new feature will not automatically sync document previously created where the type or constraints are inconsistent across the information requirements.
  • When dropped on the canvas, Input Data are now assigned a text type by default
  • Inputs of a decision are now part of the auto completion when editing FEEL expression
Bug Fixes:
  • Title of the data type window was changed from the diagram name to simply “Data Type” to avoid confusion when editing a type
  • Fixed a bug with decision tables name on copy/paste
  • Fixed a bug that was sometimes preventing to remove the name of a decision
  • Fixed a bug on DMN XML serialization that was sometimes including a result into a boxed context even after it has been deleted
  • The logviewer is now always fully shown
  • Fixed a bug that was creating invalid an invalid XML export when they had comments in some browser

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