Decision Modeler

DMN Modeler – Release Notes – July 28, 2016

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New and Improved Features:
  • Improved the quick connect feature. The quick connect functionality will now always create a valid link when such links exists.
  • The default name of the decision table output option is now synchronized with the name of the decision table and is not editable anymore. When the decision table has more than one output, each of those output’s components name can be edited and the output label is now properly depicted over them.
  • The name cell for the decision table in a boxed context is now displayed in edit mode.
  • Added auto-completion to invoked logic header.
Bug Fixes:
  • Copy/pasting the entire decision logic now works properly.
  • Improved the copy/cut of decision table lines.
  • Fixed an issue where the quick connect arrow would not come back in some rare cases.
  • Fixed an issue where inserting a row above would place the new row at the wrong position in boxed context, boxed invocation, boxed function for the first row.
  • Stopped unrequired scrolling when adding new rules in the decision table or new rows in boxed context.
  • Renamed the context menu attributes option for Knowledge Source shape, from “Details” to “Owner, Type, Location”.
  • When exporting to DMN, the association name is now exported in the label attribute.
  • Fixed an issue upon exporting to DMN XML, where the type time would not serialize correctly on inputValues.
  • The resulting XML file when exporting to DMN is now valid when the Boxed Context has a result.
  • The edge selection shadow of the quick connect arrow now disappears when selecting the arrow and dragging.
  • Fixed some size flickering when renaming input and outputs in the decision table.
  • Fixed the text color when editing the input and output name in the decision table so it is always visible.

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