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DMN Modeler – Release Notes – February 14, 2019

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New and Improved Features:
  • Ten new list functions that ignore null values were introduced to FEEL. These functions have the same name but with a nn prefix (ex: nn count(), nn mean()). These functions are very useful when dealing with lists that could contain null values in them since for instance the mean function will return null if one of the elements in the list is null. You can view the documentation of these new functions in the FEEL functions section of the DMN Ribbon under List.
  • The rich text editor can now be used to edit Question and Answers.
  • When setting a flag on an element, if the flag overlay is turned off, the user will now be asked to turn it on.
  • There is a new filter available on places when opening and saving models.
Bug fixes:
  • In a very rare case, a connected link would be disconnected after a model reload.
  • The report will now always generate the pages in their tab orders in the document.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the word report table to sometime point to the wrong section.
  • Locks should not be visible when viewing a model in model viewer.
  • When animating a decision table, the rule fired were not always properly highlighted.
  • Fixed an issue where a superflux error message was sometime returned when running test cases.

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