Digital Transformation Depends Upon Next-Generation Architecture Tools

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They are also tweaking their portfolio management capabilities to poach some of Troux Technologies’ customers, now that IT portfolio management vendor Planview has acquired them.

Ready to steal the digital thunder – and market share – away from the Megas and Planviews of the world are vendors like Quebec-based Trisotech.

Trisotech’s core offering is the Digital Enterprise Suite , which is a visual prototyping platform that it bases on a semantic graph paradigm it calls the Digital Enterprise Graph . The suite includes a discovery accelerator strategy planning tool, an insight analyzer for gathering information out of the tool’s underlying semantic graph, as well as modeling tools for business processes, decisions, and case management.

The Trisotech insight analyzer appears in the screenshot below.

Insight Analyzer

The Digital Enterprise Suite enables both technical as well as non-technical people to participate in EA and BA discovery and modeling. People across the digital spectrum can thus use the suite to gain insights into relationships among models.

The suite also includes tools for discovering, modeling, analyzing, and finding insights with the Digital Enterprise Graph as a common semantic framework. In fact, perhaps the most interesting feature of the Trisotech platform is how it leverages its underlying semantic graph to tie every business entity together across models. The user can simply click on an icon to navigate to other entities related to that icon.

Bringing to market a platform similar to Trisotech is Australia-based Capsicum. Capsicum leverages an underlying metamodel it calls the Capsicum Framework. This framework describes business endeavors in a structured way that depends upon an underlying semantic model, much as Trisotech does.

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