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Digital Enterprise Graph

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Harnesses the power of graphs with the Digital Enterprise Graph, a semantic model of your organization that fuels the reasoning capabilities of our solution.

Digital Enterprise Graph

The Digital Enterprise Graph enables global reuse of modeling elements across your organization. It is a digital twin of your organization automatically generated from all your existing models. This semantic digital twin provides insight into all modeling elements created across all your models and the various relationships that exist amongst them. Business vocabularies (terms and definitions) that are created are also included in the graph and can be reused. The Digital Enterprise Graph fuels reasoning capabilities of the who, what, when, where, why and how captured in your models. The relationships between modeling elements in the graph can be detected, explored, and leveraged, while maintaining traceability between the reused modeling elements and the original models. The Digital Enterprise Graph can not only index models created using the Digital Modeling Suite, it can also index relationships to select third-party tools.



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