Decision Model Creation and Deployment Using DMN

Decision Model and Notation (DMN) is a standard established by the Object Management Group (OMG) allowing visual representation of Business Rules content and logic. This representation is executable – i.e., the decision model can be deployed in an execution environment and be invoked to deliver decisions in real time. A major healthcare provider network was an early adopter of DMN for implementation of Clinical Decision Support. In this session, we share our experiences in the creation and deployment of DMN models. This webinar demonstrates:
  • Creation and Testing of a DMN Model for LACE Score – A risk score for readmissions
  • Illustration of DMN patterns via reusable functions and knowledge modules that enable re-use of commonly occurring CDS logic patterns
  • Stepping through the explanation provided by a DMN model for a given decision support inference
  • Search for previously created decisions – and reuse of a pre-existing decision in a new model
  • Re-use of pre-created Value Sets across multiple Decision Models
  • The ability to integrate the invocation of a DMN model with an EMR/HIE using CDS Hooks/CDS Cards and display the explanation using a SMART on FHIR application
  • Featured Panelists
    Vipul Kashyap, Clinical Information Systems/Enterprise Information Architect

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