From Business Rules to Decision Models with DMN

Recorded on September 20, 2018

Traditional practices of “harvesting” rules from application systems and the heads of subject matter experts are now passé. Today we think “decisions first”, starting with the business decisions we need to make and from there the data and rules those decisions require. DMN is the new multi-vendor standard for business decision modeling. Designed for business users, it lets you break down even complex business decisions graphically as Decision Requirements Diagrams that describe the input data required and all the supporting decisions. It also lets you define the logic of each decision in the DRD using decision tables and simple textual expressions, or invoke logic created by other technical modelers in your organization. In the DMN tool, you can verify decision tables for completeness and consistency in one click, and actually run test values to check the logic. None of these aspects of DMN – decomposing the DRD, creating and verifying decision tables, or importing and invoking logic elements created by others – require a technical background, but in fact are intended to be performed by typical business members of a business rules project.

In this webinar, we’ll show you:

  • How DMN can modernize and transform your business rule projects
  • How DMN lets business users break down complex decision requirements
  • How DMN decision tables can be automatically validated for completeness, consistency, and correctness
  • How DMN lets you import and reuse logic created by others in your organization
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