BPMN Visio Add in

BPMN Visio Add in – Release Notes – April 16, 2015

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New and Improved Features:
  • Complete visual overhaul to align the design with the modern look of the Digital Enterprise Suite.
  • The Accelerator Viewer has been added in the Visio BPMN Modeler. It allows you to create processes from known frameworks and keep track of your alignment with them by using the highlight functionality.
  • Added the possibility to create Semantic Link with the frameworks or your own references.
  • It is now easier to create and share repositories with your team in the new and fully redesigned Repository Navigator.
  • Contextual Menu was improved with a simpler organization logic and addition of new icons for each action.
  • Semantic link property edition has been added.
  • It is now possible to export to SharePoint 2013 Workflow.
  • It is now possible to import a Fluxicon Disco file.
  • Added an about box for the Lanner BPSim Simulation.
  • It is now possible to add a BPMN property to all shapes via the new property editor.
  • The upgraded Repository Navigator now includes:
    • Support of Sharepoint document libraries,
    • Support of the CMIS standard,
    • New look and feel.
  • Choreographies now auto resize when participants are added to it.
  • Repositories now store BPMN file formats instead of Visio file formats.
  • Improved the performance and quality of BPMN import and export.
  • The colors are not kept when importing or exporting in BPMN.
  • Connections paths are not kept when importing or exporting in BPMN.
  • Added attachment property with proper icons to all BPMN 2.0 shapes.
  • Data objects and data source labels are now automatically synced with the data property.
  • Improved the confirmation message when renaming data object reference and made it also display for data store reference.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a color issue with the unconnected connections in Visio 2013.
  • Fixed an issue which would re-log the previous user upon performing the switch user function.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue for internet explorer users with Visio BPMN Modeler.

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