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BPMN Method and Style

Since 2007, practitioners from around the world have completed the BPMN Method and Style course, the world-leading BPMN training by Bruce Silver and Associates which is now provided by Trisotech.

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In this course, we do not only teach you the vocabulary of BPMN – the meaning of the shapes and symbols. We also provide you with a methodology for creating consistently well-structured models that are clear, complete, and shareable between business and IT, and teach you important elements of BPMN style that ensure the process logic is communicated unambiguously from the diagram on its own.

Learning to create BPMN models that communicate the process logic clearly, correctly, and consistently through the diagram does not require technical knowledge, just a disciplined approach and attention to detail. This is what we teach within the Method and Style BPMN course.

BPMN Method and Style

Course outline

DMN Course outline
  1. What Is BPMN?
  2. BPMN by Example
  3. Concepts and the Method
  4. BPMN Style
  5. Parallel Flow
  6. Events
  7. Iteration
  8. Following the Rules
  9. Certification and Beyond

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