BPMN Modeling with Method and Style


Why do organizations spend so much time and effort on modeling their processes? It’s to communicate through diagrams the process logic – how the process starts and ends, and the order of the steps – completely and clearly to those who don’t already know how it works. That way all stakeholders understand the process in the same way. But most BPMN models fail that basic test. It requires more than using the right shapes and symbols. It requires a shared methodology and additional rules of modeling “style”. We call it Method and Style. It works best when the style rules are built into the tool… as they are with Trisotech BPMN Modeler. In this webinar we’ll walk through the basics of BPMN Method and Style using the Trisotech tool, and you’ll see how it reveals the process logic clearly and completely from the printed diagrams alone.

Featured Panelist

Bruce Silver is the leader behind both BPMessentials and more recently MethodAndStyle.com. BPMessentials is the #1 provider of BPMN training and certification, with over 4000 students trained and over 1100 certified. It is delivered live and live/online to students around the world. He is the author of the popular book BPMN Method and Style, that is now in second edition and translated into German, Japanese, and Spanish. His latest book, DMN Cookbook, is the definitive reference and guidebook to the new decision modeling standard. Bruce writes about BPMN and DMN on his website methodandstyle.com and Twitter via @bpmswatch.


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