Release Notes

BPMN Modeler – Release Notes – October 5, 2015

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New and Improved Features:
  • New Learn ribbon added to the navigation bar. It contains:
    • The help documentation.
    • EU-Rent Case Study.
    • BPMN Quick Guide.
    • BPMN Rule Book.
    • BPMN JiT eLearning.
  • Added the Release Notes link in the About information box.
  • It is now possible to reorder the tabs (pages) by drag and drop.
  • You can now edit even more BPMN attributes:
    • Standard Loop and simple Multistance loop details can now be entered.
    • Activation Condition on Complex Gateway can be defined.
    • Resource Assignment Expression can now be created.
    • ResourceParameter and ResourceParameterBinding can now be defined.
    • Performer type (performer, humanPerformer or potential Owner) can now be changed.
  • The canvas now gets resized automatically when a shape is resized.
  • Improved the reload functionality which will fetch the newest version of the modeler upon reload.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where the collapsed palette could not be easily brought back.
  • Fixed and issue which would keep the ghost shapes after a page refresh.
  • Fixed an issue where the scrollbars on the west and east areas would not be properly shown.
  • Fixed an issue where undoing a renaming of a page was not possible.
  • Renaming a page while having a shape selected would rename the shape. This has now been fixed.
  • Moving a docker on Straight Links can now be undone/redone.
  • Fixed an issue where the log viewer would not show on a BPMN import.
  • Fixed an issue which would not place a newly created shape on the grid if the Snap to Grid function is enabled and a shape is created via the blue arrow in a container.
  • Fixed an issue where a BPMNPlane with an invalid bpmnElement would be created when exporting an empty page.
  • The labels are now properly placed on sub-process shapes.
  • Fixed and issue where a User Task implementation would be always set to unspecified when importing a file with a different value.
  • The grid lines are now invisible when printing the model.
  • Fixed an issue where if only Lanes were drawn in a diagram, they would not be saved.
  • Improved the context menu function on small shapes.
  • Fixed an issue upon import of a BPMN file where lane/pool have no name attribute, they would be called Pool/Lane.
  • Fixed an issue where dropping an edge on a node would not add an edge connected with the node.
  • Fixed an issue where when closing the print window, the center region of the modeler would not be in its correct position.

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