Release Notes

BPMN Modeler – Release Notes – March 21, 2016

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Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue when resizing a node with has a straight link docked to it, the extremity of the link would go inside the node.
  • An error is now shown when a user cannot save or copy to the local storage.
  • Fixed a bug where some links would not get fully deleted when doing undo/redo in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue when selecting a shape and starting to type its new name feature: the first letter typed was lost.
  • Fixed an issue where when exporting a model with an event timer with cycle time would create an error upon import.
  • Fixed an issue where when undoing a page rename action, the page would be assigned with a blank name.
  • Removed the CostParameters from the BPSim Simulation interface options as it is not supported by LSim yet.
  • Fixed a bug where the errors would not be displayed on operation details.

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