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BPMN Modeler – Release Notes – January 28, 2018

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New and Improved Features:
  • This new version brings major improvements in our modeling platform. These will be gradually exposed through new features in 6.X future releases. This version is fully backward compatible with the 5.X version from a user point of view.
  • The reporting (html and word) was improved to allow users to export the documentation elements in a user defined order:
    • Each shape now has the concept of an Identifier. This identifier has a numeric value with dots (1, 1.6,, …).
    • You can set the identifier of elements using the right click contextual menu under Attributes then Identifier.
    • There is also a new overlay available called Identifier that will display the current identifier (or a dash if none is currently set) in the top left corner of the element.
    • Using the overlay, you can click on the identifier to quickly enter a value.
    • In the documentation export dialog, you will now find an option to change the Sort Order and use By Identifier.
    • Note that exporting using the By Identifier ordering will not output elements that have no identifier defined.
  • Defining a global task is now easier than before. Global tasks are now located under the Manage Hidden Items of the BPMN ribbon.
  • Adding lanes and pools in a sub-process diagram is now supported.
  • BPMN Validation is now available in French.
  • Method and Style Validation is now available in French.
Bug fixes:
  • When changing the type of a choreography task, participant bands are not lost anymore.
  • The type of a call activity is kept (calling a global task or a process) even when the actual target is not yet defined after a save/load.
  • Attachments on diagrams are now properly saved to the BPMN XML file.
  • When deleting a page, some graph relationship were not properly deleted.
  • When collapsing a sub-process with flow attached to it, it would sometime disconnect the flows.

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