Release Notes

BPMN Modeler – Release Notes – April 14, 2015

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New and Improved Features:
  • Complete visual overhaul to align the design with the modern look of the Digital Enterprise Suite.
  • The Accelerator Viewer has been added in the BPMN Modeler. It allows you to create processes from known frameworks and keep track of your alignment with them by using the highlight functionality.
  • Added the possibility to create Semantic Link with the frameworks or your own references.
  • It is now easier to create and share repositories with your team in the new and fully redesigned Repository Navigator.
  • Contextual Menu was improved with a simpler organization logic and addition of new icons for each action.
  • Semantic link property edition has been added.
  • The canvas and container shapes such as Sub-Processes now resize automatically when shapes are dragged or added outside its border.
  • It is now possible to export to SharePoint 2013 Workflow.
  • It is now possible to import a Fluxicon Disco file.
  • Improved the behaviour of the spacers:
    • the labels now maintain their position in respect with their shapes,
    • message flow now stays straight when you use the spacers in your collaboration. Added an "All" button to display all the pages and access them quickly.
  • Comments can now be added directly from the Contextual Menu.
  • Added an about box for the Lanner BPSim Simulation.
  • When using the BPMN Modeler in SharePoint, the toolbar was removed and the redirection link back to SharePoint is now in the File menu.
  • Removed the Welcome screen.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing border color to be changed for the Pool and Lane shapes.
  • Fixed an issue when moving an anchor point of a link, the links would get broken when using undo/redo function.
  • Changing the shape type now keeps the label position.
  • Fixed the About dialog that was not properly displayed in Internet Explorer 9.
  • Resetting the label position now resets its size too.
  • Fixed a project name loss when loading a model for the first time.
  • A None Intermediate Event is now always exported as Throwing to respect BPMN 2. 0 specification.
  • Fixed an issue where right resize handles were not properly placed on large Sub-Processes, Pools and Lanes.
  • Fixed an issue where when exporting a service task, the implementation was not set properly as defined in the specification.
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases, the annotations were placed on two pages when importing a BPMN file format. Fixed an issue where BPMN models could not be loaded in Safari browser.
  • Restored the functionality to link Sub-Processes to another file.
  • Fixed a BPMN import issue where the content of an expanded call activity would be put in the wrong page.
  • Prevent the addition of Participant bands directly on the canvas.
  • Fixed an issue where when deleting an attachment from a shape, the attachment marker would stay.
  • Fixed an issue where, on import, the anchor point of a link on the other link would not be correct.
  • Now labels will keep using default position unless user has specifically changed it even after a BPMN export or a save to the cloud.
  • Improved the confirmation message when renaming data object reference and made it displayed for Data Store reference too.
  • Fixed an issue with deleted participants on a choreography that were coming back.
  • Fixed an issue where when resizing a Collapsed Sub-Choreography, the bands would be misplaced.
  • Fixed an issue where links were not properly routed when the text annotation was automatically resized to match the text height.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing pages with carriage return in their name to be exported to image.
  • Fixed a Process Animator failure to start if a comment was present on a Pool shape.
  • Fixed an issue when creating content of a container to a blank page, the links would not be properly routed.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause pools that were copy/pasted to have their lanes place outside of them after a save to the cloud.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing file with a link connected to an unconnected link to be saved to the cloud or exported to BPMN.

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