Bpm+ Automation combined to FHIR Consent Resource

Presented at FHIR North 2021 by
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Dr. John Svribely, CMIO at Trisotech

Denis Gagne, CEO & CTO at Trisotech

Informed Consent (also known as Consent for Medical Treatment) is required prior to most medical procedures. It allows the patient to actively participate in decisions about what his or her own care. Informed Consent is therefore an integral part of Patient-Centered Care.

FHIR defines a Consent resource that is meant to cover four different uses cases: Privacy Consent, Medical Treatment Consent, Research Consent and Advance Care Directives. Currently, only the Privacy Consent use case has been elaborated.

In this session we will explore the usage of the FHIR Consent Resource for the purpose of Informed Consent. This process will be captured using the BPM+ set of standards and combined with the usage of the FHIR Consent resource.

Attendees will learn about:
  • The FHIR Consent Resource.
  • The Informed Consent/Medical Treatment Consent process.
  • Representation of the process using BPM+ Standards.
  • A demonstration of an automated Informed Consent for Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) surgery.

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