Blueprinting an ERP Implementation

Blueprinting an ERP Implementation

By Trisotech

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erp-blueprinting-stats Did you know that, in 2015, only 58% of ERP implementations were considered successful by their organizations?

Source: Panorama-consulting ERP 2015 Report

erp-blueprinting-statsAn ERP blueprinting initiative greatly contributes to the success of an ERP implementation.

Source: Large Enterprise Software Projects: ERP Success ASAP

erp-bluprinting-accelerateTrisotech’s award-winning Digital Enterprise Suite facilitates the capture of an ERP blueprinting initiative.

Discovery capabilities

Capture how things are currently done

Use the Discovery capabilities of the Digital Enterprise Suite to quickly capture how things are currently done in an as-is repository. Augment that information with who is Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed (RACI). Complete the work by describing the data and systems currently used to perform those activities.

Modeling capabilities

Create and improve blueprint

Use the Modeling capabilities of the Digital Enterprise Suite to improve the current business practices before starting the ERP implementation. These improvements will pave the way to an optimized business blueprint to implement in your ERP. Save this blueprint in a blueprint repository and create relationships with your previous project in the as-is repository.

Analytics capabilities

Analyze blueprint gaps

Use the Analytics capabilities of the Digital Enterprise Suite to validate the alignment of your blueprint with your as-is reality and find gaps to make sure everything is taken into consideration. You can also model/import the default processes of your ERP implementation and compare them to your blueprint to have a better alignment between the two.

Communication capabilities


Use the Communication capabilities of the Digital Enterprise Suite to convey the resulting blueprint to your organization for approbation. The produced assets can also be used as training material for the rollout of the ERP to help end-users and stakeholders better understand the changes introduced by the ERP implementation.

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