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Looking for an IBM ODM Alternative?

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Concerned about your ODM legacy?

Concerned about the future of Red Hat Process Manager and Decision Manager at IBM?

Concerned about the future of Drools under IBM?

You’re not alone.

Escape the IBM future “lock in” with Trisotech standard-based Digital Enterprise Suite (DES).

Trisotech standard-based DMN Decision Automation is the perfect safe haven for your existing decision automation deployment.

How Trisotech DES makes it easy?

Whether you’re modernizing your legacy systems and architecture, reducing costs, or needing to create your digital products quicker, Trisotech can help.

Trisotech simple graphical user interface let users specify both the requirements and the logic of enterprise operational decisions that can be deployed as Decision Services.

If you’re in financial services or healthcare, Trisotech has specific feature sets to accelerate your success.

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