The Trisotech’s Digital Enterprise Suite self-serve trial gives access to four major components. To get started, you need to access one of the suite component from the component selector by clicking on the squares at the top left of the Trisotech website:

This component selector is also available in each component.

If you have any questions during your trial, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Trisotech’s Digital Enterprise Suite components

Discovery Accelerator

Focused on lightweight modeling of the Why, Who, What, When, Where of how things get done in your organization.

  • Use various discovery methods
    • From a blank board (or board template)
    • From the text of an existing procedure
    • From user stories
  • Analyze models
  • Exports to first version of operational models

BPMN Modeler

Focused on modeling business processes based on the sequence of activities that happens in your organization.

  • Model processes based on the BPMN 2.0 specification
  • Validate against the specification
  • Analyze process
  • Simulation of process

CMMN Modeler

Focused on modeling cases and knowledge work based on the events and conditional actions that can happen in your organization.

  • Model cases based on the CMMN 1.1 specification
  • Analyze cases

DMN Modeler

Focused on modeling decisions that are taken in your organization.

  • Model decisions based on the DMN 1.1 specification
  • Validate against the specification
  • Analyze Decision Tables against best practices
  • Animate decisions
  • Test decisions

How to work with places and models


All the models that you create within the Digital Enterprise Suite are saved insides Places. There are multiple types of places for different purposes:

Browser Internal Storage (Hard drive icon)
  • These models are not saved on our servers but only in your browser. This should only be used in offline mode.
<Your Name> (Single user icon)
  • Personal storage. Nobody else have access to it. These models can’t be shared with others.
EU-Rent/Trisotech Examples (Cloud icon)
  • Example material for consultation only.
Shared Places (Two users icon)
  • Shared storage owned by a single user (the creator by default). Can be shared using different rights with other users.

More on Places

  • Places can contain any type of models
  • Places can be organized with folders
  • You can create a new Shared Place by clicking on the plus button after the last Place
  • Share a Shared Place by right-clicking on it and selecting “Share”
  • Each person you invite to a Shared Place can have a Read Only or a Read/Write access
  • When sharing a Place, you can optionally craft and send an invitation email

Other components

Digital Enterprise Suite Digital Enterprise Suite

Launch pad of the suite from which you can have access to all your models and places.

  • Navigate models and open them using the associated component
  • Rename, move, delete and view older version of your models
  • Create, rename, delete and clone places

BPMN Quick Guide BPMN Quick Guide

BPMN best practices and a reference of all elements.

BPMN Rule Book BPMN Rule Book

An indexed reference of all BPMN rules.

EU-Rent EU-Rent

A fictional case study that presents how to use the Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite to perform various tasks related to Digital Transformation.

Help Help

Online documentation of the Digital Enterprise Suite functionalities.

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