New and Improved Features:
  • It is now possible to display overlays when generating reports.
  • The web rendering speed of large relationship tables was improved.
  • We now use vector icons for DMN elements.
  • When testing a decision, a new blank option is available for enumerations.
  • When exporting to DMN 1.2, untyped elements now receive the abstract Any FEEL type.
Bug fixes:
  • Alignment Guides are now always properly positioned when the zoom is not 100%.
  • The test case will now always properly differentiate between the value null and an empty string.
  • The ellipsis menu is now disabled when animating decisions.
  • Date and Time seconds are now always displayed when testing decisions.
  • In some cases, certain resize handles of annotations did not behave properly.
  • Fixed the DMN 1.2 serialization where sometimes it would use the DMN 1.1 FEEL namespace instead of the DMN 1.2 FEEL namespace.
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