New and Improved Features:
  • New and improved Visio import. When importing Visio files, you can now map each shape from the stencil to get the best and most accurate import of your model.
  • When dropping accelerators which have several levels of artefacts, the top level is dropped as a shape and the lower levels become Data Types.
  • When importing files into the DMN Modeler, the external type is now displayed in itemDefinition and its components.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where the previous file name was still used in some rare cases.
  • Fixed an issue during the export to documentation where it would stop the export when encountering an empty diagram.
  • Fixed a bug where parameters would be duplicated when copy/pasting a row of boxed function with context entries.
  • Fixed a bug where the Type Ref were not imported on function parameters and context entries.
  • Copy/pasting of item definition does not introduce duplicate IDs anymore.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple help windows would open when more than one pages were created.
  • Rows and columns are now deleted only be clicking the remove icon and not the whole cell.
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