DMN Modeler October 1, 2019 – Version 6.2.11
New and Improved Features:
  • New FEEL functions are available:
    • Interval logic: Based on the 13 unique relations from Allen’s Interval Algebra. An additional function: overlaps() was also added as an higher level of abstraction for business users.
    • Date & Time: day of week(), month of year(), day of year(), week of year().
    • These functions are extensions to DMN 1.2 and should be part of the upcoming DMN 1.3 revision. An introduction presentation can be viewed on our website.
  • The dialogs to view included models (DMN and PMML) now has an hyperlink icon next to the included models that let you navigate to the included model.
  • When closing the data type dialog without first saving a change, that change would be ignored. It will now be considered.
Bug fixes:
  • When publishing to the Trisotech Automation Platform (Cloud Publish) the dialog to view the published service would not show up if errors or warnings were reported.
  • An invalid DMN file could be generated when a data type constraint was picked without entering any constraints.
  • It’s now possible to use the slash ‘/’ character in the name of a DMN element.
DMN Modeler September 12, 2019 – Version 6.2.10
New and Improved Features:
  • When using the Cloud Publish functionality, it is now possible to include the documentation of the service.
DMN Modeler September 5, 2019 – Version 6.2.9
New and Improved Features:
  • The data type marker on Input Data now disappears when no datatype is defined.
  • The last group and artifact used to publish a service using the Cloud Publish button are now persisted and re-used on the next publication.
Bug fixes:
  • PMML mining fields marked for target usage are no longer mapped as inputs to the model.
  • Fixed a DMN export issue when on data types where an enumeration was selected by no element entered in the enumeration.
  • Fixed a DMN export issue where sometimes an XML namespace was missing.
DMN Modeler August 28, 2019 – Version 6.2.8
Bug fixes:
  • Functions using a decision table are now supported in contexts.
  • PMML types describing an enumeration of string values were not properly quoted.
  • Invalid test cases could be generated when collections of collections.
  • The description editor could become unavailable after changing the type of an element.
DMN Modeler August 7, 2019 – Version 6.2.7
New and Improved Features:
  • Data types can now be duplicated.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue that would sometime prevent renaming shapes in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause freshly imported DMN XML files from showing empty labels in the Dictionary.
  • Business Knowledge Model (BKM) of type PMML should, again, be available to all modelers.
  • In the French translation, the hit policies of decision tables now have the English letter in parenthesis next to their name.
  • Corrected issues surrounding executing models where a column of a decision table had enumerated values on a collection.
  • It was possible to save the wrong values in a test case if the inputs were not visible.
  • The red highlight was not always properly cleared when clearing the results of a test case execution.
DMN Modeler July 17, 2019 – Version 6.2.6
New and Improved Features:
  • It is now possible to include Predictive Models in PMML XML format and execute them in Business Knowledge Models (BKM).
    • A new PMML button is now available in the DMN ribbon. This button lets you upload and manage PMML models in your modeling places and select which predictive model to include.
    • Once included, a PMML model can be assigned to a BKM logic by changing the language from the default FEEL language to PMML (F icon).
    • Note that PMML execution in BKM is a separate subscription that is not available to all users.
  • Introducing the Operation Library to DMN:
    • Allows to define Interfaces and Operations that can be used in BKM decision logic.
    • Interface and Operation definition is based on the Open API/Swagger standard.
    • The Operation Library let you directly import your Open API/Swagger files.
    • Importing OData 4 metadata XML can also be done to automatically generate Operations to manipulate data sources.
    • Once defined, Operations can be assigned to a BKM logic by changing the language from the default FEEL language to Operation (F icon).
    • Note that the Operation Library and the Operation execution in BKM are only available to users deploying to the Trisotech Automation.
  • Details marker are not shown anymore when animating.
  • The delete key can now be used to delete a row in the data type editor.
Bug fixes:
  • When dragging the quick connect arrow, a forbidden sign would sometime be displayed in error.
  • There was an issue with the clear logic functionality for boxed functions that could leave the expression blank.
  • The Rename and Delete options are now properly ordered in the diagram contextual menu (right-clicking on a diagram).
  • Fixed an issue where some links were disconnected when changing the type of a shape.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometime display the file extension in the model name for previous versions of a model.
  • The HTML table of content was not always pointing to the right page.
DMN Modeler June 21, 2019 – Version 6.2.5
Bug fixes:
  • Decision logic were not exported if you selected None for the level of DMN attributes.
  • It was possible to have the data type text bleed out of the detail dialog.
  • There was a typo for the spelling of the Years and Months data type.
DMN Modeler June 5, 2019 – Version 6.2.4
New and Improved Features:
  • Support element names with invalid characters in diagrams. The label of the element now contains the invalid character but the actual name (referenceable from FEEL) is sanitized.
  • Decision table header dialog now contains an Allow null option to accept the null value in the column. This option is turned on by default for new decision tables.
  • It is now possible to export inputs lists to Excel for test cases.
  • We now export a custom extension to DMN XML to keep the merged state of decision table cells.
Bug fixes:
  • When exporting the documentation, the wrong diagram would sometime be used for a page.
  • Importing a DMN XML file with more inputEntry than inputExpression in a decision table failed. It now generates a warning.
DMN Modeler May 22, 2019 – Version 6.2.3
New and Improved Features:
  • It is now possible to resize the shapes to their default sizes if they were resized. This functionality is accessible by selecting Reset Size in the contextual menu (right-click) of a resized shape.
  • The default position of labels on links can now be changed using the contextual menu (right-click) under the Label Position menu.
  • Updated the Microsoft products icons with their new branding.
  • The DMN XML export now adds an extended attribute for the modeling publication state and version in a new Trisotech Extended Attribute.
Bug fixes:
  • When a data type is defined as an enumeration of numbers, the autocomplete would sometime complete the number as a string.
  • Expression logic could be displayed incorrectly on Internet Explorer 11.
  • Input Data dragged from an accelerator used an incorrect default size.
  • When a FEEL expression contained the greater than or less than character, it could be truncated when displaying it in read only mode.
  • The FEEL function max() now properly work with year and month durations.
DMN Modeler May 2, 2019 – Version 6.2.2
New and Improved Features:
  • Added get values and get entries to the feel function documentation.
  • A new clear button was added to Context and Invocations rows to change the boxed expression type. It is available in the contextual menu (right click) of the row.
  • The FEEL parser now properly supports the inline context definition in literal expressions using curly brackets.
Bug fixes:
  • Custom attributes on Diagrams were not exported to DMN XML.
  • When undoing the rename of a data input element, it would sometime loose its original data type.
  • Fixed an issue that sometime prevented the change type dialog from closing.
DMN Modeler April 25, 2019 – Version 6.2.1
New and Improved Features:
  • A Manage hidden items button was added to the DMN ribbon to allow the management of Organization Units and Performance indicators.
Bug fixes:
  • Optimized the display of the DMN ribbon on smaller screen.
  • Undoing the deletion of a row in a boxed context could fail under certain conditions.
  • Allowed answers are not properly imported from the DMN XML.
DMN Modeler April 11, 2019 – Version 6.2.0
New and Improved Features:
  • Decisions Services are automatically generated for the whole model (DRG) and each Diagrams (DRD) and can be viewed in the Decision Service button in the DMN Ribbon like other decision services. These services can’t be modified or removed.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue that prevented BKM without implementations to be imported.
DMN Modeler March 15, 2019 – Version 6.1.22
New and Improved Features:
  • When deleting a data type, information about where the data type was used will now be displayed.
  • It is now possible to delete data types in bulk. You can choose to either delete all data types or only the ones currently not used.
  • When testing or animating a decision, large numbers will now be formatted in a more user-friendly manner based on the modeler language.
Bug fixes:
  • There was a possibility for some elements to be deleted after undoing a reveal from the ellipsis or a drop from the scope.
  • When including a DMN model that used a priority table, the priority was sometime not properly validated.
DMN Modeler February 26, 2019 – Version 6.1.21
New and Improved Features:
  • When viewing a model, the ellipsis marker is now clickable when missing input requirements.
Bug fixes:
  • In the Decision Service and Include dialog boxes, the close option is now the primary (colored) option.
  • It is now possible to properly use the quick connect arrows with annotations.
  • Fixed an incorect error message that was displayed when including a model without inputs.
  • More error messages are available from Cloud Publication errors.
  • When a string type contains a minus character in its enumeration, the auto-completion will always consider it a string instead of the minus operator.
DMN Modeler February 14, 2019 – Version 6.1.20
New and Improved Features:
  • Ten new list functions that ignore null values were introduced to FEEL. These functions have the same name but with a nn prefix (ex: nn count(), nn mean()). These functions are very useful when dealing with lists that could contain null values in them since for instance the mean function will return null if one of the elements in the list is null. You can view the documentation of these new functions in the FEEL functions section of the DMN Ribbon under List.
  • The rich text editor can now be used to edit Question and Answers.
  • When setting a flag on an element, if the flag overlay is turned off, the user will now be asked to turn it on.
  • There is a new filter available on places when opening and saving models.
Bug fixes:
  • In a very rare case, a connected link would be disconnected after a model reload.
  • The report will now always generate the pages in their tab orders in the document.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the word report table to sometime point to the wrong section.
  • Locks should not be visible when viewing a model in model viewer.
  • When animating a decision table, the rule fired were not always properly highlighted.
  • Fixed an issue where a superflux error message was sometime returned when running test cases.
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