BPMN Modeler February 19, 2016 – Version 5.0.22
New and Improved Features:
  • Basic attributes are now exported in the MsWord and HTML reports.
  • Multiple visual improvements to the MsWord and HTML reports presentation.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where the custom logo on diagrams could not be changed in IE9.
  • Fixed an issue in the Process Animator where an interrupting attached event would behave like a non-interrupting attached event.
  • Fixed a bug where BPMN import would fail if a link would have an invalid source/target.
BPMN Modeler February 11, 2016 – Version 5.0.21
New and Improved Features:
  • The TQM (time, cost, value and quality of service) attributes are now exported into the documentation reports.
  • The MsWord and HTML reports have been improved:
    • The reports have been aligned across all applications to bring the same reporting features and consistency.
    • The whitespace around the diagrams has been reduced for better presentation.
    • The numbering of items has been replaced by indentation to properly display parent/child hierarchy.
    • The page order of the models is now taken into consideration.
  • It is now possible to change the events shape from start/intermediate/end.
  • The event definition is now kept when switching from throwing to catching event and vice-versa.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug which would show labels on patterns edges.
  • Fixed a bug where the annotation shape would not properly adjust to its text.
  • Fixed an issue where the text annotation would not have a ghost when being moved on the canvas.
  • Fixed an issue where the splash screen for the BPMN Social Viewer would not show.
  • Fixed a bug where when switching to the Process Animator, the add page button would remain visible.
  • Fixed a bug where the MsWord and HTML reports which would not take into consideration the ordered pages of the models.
  • Improved the auto adjusting of diagrams when they are exported in a MsWord or HTML reports.
  • Fixed an bug which would prevent the printing function to work in FireFox.
  • Fixed an issue in Microsoft Edge browser which would prevent a proper Image export.
BPMN Modeler January 25, 2016 – Version 5.0.20
New and Improved Features:
  • The attachments are now exported into MsWord and HTML reports.
  • Total Quality Management (TQM) attributes have been added to activities.
  • The HTML report now has a table of content.
Bug Fixes:
  • DataAssociation between Sequence flow and data object is now properly implemented according to specifications.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting some shapes would also delete links on links.
  • Fixed an issue that was sometimes preventing the comment bubble from showing.
  • Fixed an issue where the export would fail if you import a BPMN file with an extension in the DI.
  • Fixed an issue where the Parameter binding was not saved on performer.
BPMN Modeler December 18, 2015 – Version 5.0.19
New and Improved Features:
  • It is now possible to generate reports from the models. The reports can be generated in Word or HTML formats.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where new lines/break in shape’s labels would not be kept when importing and exporting.
  • Resolved an issue where when exporting a diagram with a sub process which links to another diagram, would generate an invalid BPMN.
  • Fixed an issue where the lanes would not be added to the pool if in the BPMN DI, the lanes were defined before the participants.
  • Fixed an issue where the resource assignment expression would not import correctly when a formal expression was used.
  • Resolved an issue where the data objects would be saved with [undefined] when importing a BPMN file.
  • Resolved an issue where the attribute isMessageVisible in a choreography participant would be set to undefined upon BPMN export.
  • Fixed an issue where when dragging the extremity of a link over a node, the magnets on the node would not be shown on the shape if the link’s other extremity was connected to another link.
  • Fixed an issue where the extensions and documentation on expression were not kept upon export/import.
BPMN Modeler November 20, 2015 – Version 5.0.18
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where some non-interrupting catching events would behave as interrupting events in the Process Animator.
  • Fixed an issue where comments and simulation (BPSim) data could not be loaded from BPMN XML in IE and Firefox under some conditions.
  • Fixed a minor BPMN interchange issue where Resource Role would not roundtrip the name attribute.
BPMN Modeler November 6, 2015 – Version 5.0.17
New and Improved Features:
  • When moving the label, the shape or changing page, the quick connect arrow now disappears.
  • BPMN models now don’t populate default values on export.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where the quick connect arrow would not disappear when a shape is moved or a page is changed.
BPMN Modeler October 26, 2015 – Version 5.0.16
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where content would be lost when creating a new page.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the removal of pages that were not loaded (opened).
BPMN Modeler October 5, 2015 – Version 5.0.15
New and Improved Features:
  • New Learn ribbon added to the navigation bar. It contains:
    • The help documentation.
    • EU-Rent Case Study.
    • BPMN Quick Guide.
    • BPMN Rule Book.
    • BPMN JiT eLearning.
  • Added the Release Notes link in the About information box.
  • It is now possible to reorder the tabs (pages) by drag and drop.
  • You can now edit even more BPMN attributes:
    • Standard Loop and simple Multistance loop details can now be entered.
    • Activation Condition on Complex Gateway can be defined.
    • Resource Assignment Expression can now be created.
    • ResourceParameter and ResourceParameterBinding can now be defined.
    • Performer type (performer, humanPerformer or potential Owner) can now be changed.
  • The canvas now gets resized automatically when a shape is resized.
  • Improved the reload functionality which will fetch the newest version of the modeler upon reload.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where the collapsed palette could not be easily brought back.
  • Fixed and issue which would keep the ghost shapes after a page refresh.
  • Fixed an issue where the scrollbars on the west and east areas would not be properly shown.
  • Fixed an issue where undoing a renaming of a page was not possible.
  • Renaming a page while having a shape selected would rename the shape. This has now been fixed.
  • Moving a docker on Straight Links can now be undone/redone.
  • Fixed an issue where the log viewer would not show on a BPMN import.
  • Fixed an issue which would not place a newly created shape on the grid if the Snap to Grid function is enabled and a shape is created via the blue arrow in a container.
  • Fixed an issue where a BPMNPlane with an invalid bpmnElement would be created when exporting an empty page.
  • The labels are now properly placed on sub-process shapes.
  • Fixed and issue where a User Task implementation would be always set to unspecified when importing a file with a different value.
  • The grid lines are now invisible when printing the model.
  • Fixed an issue where if only Lanes were drawn in a diagram, they would not be saved.
  • Improved the context menu function on small shapes.
  • Fixed an issue upon import of a BPMN file where lane/pool have no name attribute, they would be called Pool/Lane.
  • Fixed an issue where dropping an edge on a node would not add an edge connected with the node.
  • Fixed an issue where when closing the print window, the center region of the modeler would not be in its correct position.
BPMN Modeler September 10, 2015 – Version 5.0.13
New and Improved Features:
  • Added the possibility to edit the isImmediate properties in the SequenceFlow
  • Added the possibility to edit the gatewayDirection.
  • It is now possible to edit the Participant multiplicity.
  • Improved the user error message clarity when trying to save to a read-only repository.
  • When doing a multi-selection using the mouse, the canvas will now automatically scroll.
  • Updated the look and feel of the repository for a better and more comprehensible experience.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an auto-scroll issue where the auto-scroll would kick in too early if your canvas was zoomed-in.
BPMN Modeler September 2, 2015 – Version 5.0.12
New and Improved Features:
  • Added the possibility to Reverse Direction of links from the context menu.
  • It is now possible to edit startQuantity and completionQuantity of Activities.
  • Improved the feedback when moving nodes. The selection now has the same bounds as the shape, on multi-selection each selected shape shows its bounds and the links are not selected with a thick line.
  • Added the Select All/Select None buttons in the ribbon to easily select all or none of the shapes in the canvas. For shortcut lovers, CTRL-A still works!
  • When accelerators are added to the canvas, a page is created per collection of items.
  • Made improvements to the ghost from the palette to better represent the selected shape.
Bug Fixes:
  • It is now easier to grab the end point of a link to connect it to a shape.
  • Fixed an issue where a task was selected by default when changing page
  • Fixed an issue where when creating sub-process from selection would, in some cases, bring links to a new page and they would not be connected.
  • When inserting a shape between two linked shapes, the group does not break links anymore.
  • Fixed an issue where snap to guidelines function would miss shapes that were previously selected.
  • Fixed an issue where the link Sub-Process to page dialog would not show the currently selected page.
BPMN Modeler August 13, 2015 – Version 5.0.11
New and Improved Features:
  • Align to grid and guidelines now work when adding new shapes.
  • Feedback when adding new shapes now follow the zoom.
  • Alignment commands can now be access in the contextual menu.
Bug Fixes:
  • When moving a node with guidelines, its attached node are now ignored.
  • Restored the process animation when using the publish function.
BPMN Modeler August 6, 2015 – Version 5.0.10
New and Improved Features:
  • Introduced the alignment guides option.
  • Introduced the snap to grid feature.
  • It is now possible to show or hide the grid in the View Tab.
  • When attaching an intermediate event to a task the sequence flow will directly be linked to the event and not the task.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bottom marker position.
  • Fixed an issue where the reset link and reset label would not be undoable and redoable.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to add comments and semantic links on lanes.
  • Fixed an issue where some shapes could not be pasted.
  • The shapes labels now follow the shapes when using the spacer function.
BPMN Modeler July 16, 2015 – Version 5.0.9
New and Improved Features:
  • Introduced the Reuse feature. The Reuse feature allows you to link certain tasks to either a DMN Decision or a CMMN Case Plan Model. You can link and unlink the models and also open a specific model directly in the chosen modeler.
  • When connecting shape with the quick connect arrow, the smart link will now create the proper type of link.
  • Added visual branding on mobile devices.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to get duplicated attributes for namespace declaration upon BPMN export.
  • Fixed an issue where the modal would be better than the available space.
  • Fixed a layout issue in Internet Explorer 10.
BPMN Modeler July 2, 2015 – Version 5.0.7
New and Improved Features:
  • When an attached shape is moved, the links are now placed outside the target shape.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where created page bounds were not adjusted to fit all the content in the "Create from Selection" and "Create from Content" functions.
  • Fixed a layout issue in Internet Explorer 9.
  • Fixed an issue where the called element field was not populated when exporting call activity calling a global task.
  • Fixed an issue which would prevent placing shapes one over another.
  • Fixed a rendering issue with association and annotation sized after a page save.
BPMN Modeler June 12, 2015 – Version 5.0.6
New and Improved Features:
  • Assign a default name to process/collaboration when exporting.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where the documentation on a diagram would not be properly saved to BPMN.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the link color could not be undone.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting attached shape and their target, they would come back behind the shape.
  • Fixed an issue where the preference dialog would not fit all of its content.
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