Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Companies base their business decisions on evidence from their information management systems and their operations. Today’s automation of these decisions is implemented by a box full of rules (e.g. BRMS). A new standard, called the Decision Model and Notation (DMN), allows organizations to specify not only the requirements of their business decisions, but the logic of these decisions as well. It adds a layer of explanation to the automated decisions.

Decision Management using DMN is enabling business people to gain clarity and transparency in the way that the business decisions are executed by AI systems. This can go from complex financial decisions to a chatbot selecting what to answer.

Get a better understanding of what is Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) and see how a group of practitioners and technology providers are bringing it to life in this article by Dawn Bushaus from TM Forum.

Get the most out of Decision Management by using tools that are the reference implementation of the standard specifications. Get FREE access to most of the features of the Discovery Accelerator, the BPMN Modeler, the CMMN Modeler and the DMN Modeler of Trisotech’s Digital Enterprise Suite.

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