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Trisotech and World-Class Partners Offer
Decision Management Quick Start

Trisotech, in collaboration with Bruce Silver Associates, Allegiance Advisory and Red Hat, is offering the definitive Decision Management Quick Start Success Program. This unique program provides the foundation for learning, modeling, analyzing, testing, executing and maintaining DMN level 3-compliant decision models as well as best practices to incorporate in an enterprise-level Decision Management Center of Excellence. We are offering these invaluable packages at a very special price.

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DMN Quick Start Packages

DMN Foundation Package

  • 1 Expert – 1 Week on-site engagement
  • 1 Year DMN Modeler subscriptions for 5 participants
  • DMN Basics On-Demand Training Courses for 5 participants

DMN Pilot Project Package

  • 2 Expert – 2 Week on-site engagement
  • 1 Year DMN Modeler subscriptions for 5 participants
  • DMN Basics On-Demand Training Courses for 5 participants

Additional Options

  • Extra participants
  • DMN Advanced On-Demand Training Courses

The Quick Start Components


DMN Modeler

The Trisotech DMN Modeler is an intuitive and easy to use web-based application that is part of the innovative Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite. The Trisotech DMN Modeler enables you to capture your organization’s decision requirements and decision logics based on the industry-standard Decision Management Model and Notation (DMN).

The Trisotech DMN modeler fully supports the highest compliance of the DMN standard (Level 3). That means that in addition to being able to draw Decision Requirements Diagrams (DRDs), the Trisotech DMN Modeler also supports the specification of decision logic based on: Decision Tables, S-FEEL, FEEL and Boxed Expressions. Expression autocompletion and coloring, Syntax Validation, DMN Method & Style Decision Table Analysis are integrated features available to ensure efficient and effective DMN modeling. Once your decision model is ready, you can test it and then publish it as a web service based on the Red Hat DMN execution engine.

Training by Bruce Silver Associates

DMN Method & Style courses are designed for business users, not programmers. They include many in-class exercises, quizzes to test comprehension, and post-class certification based on an exam and a mail-in decision model that is iterated until it is perfect.

DMN Method & Style Basics On-Demand Training Course provides hands-on guidance using the Trisotech DMN Modeler to create end-to-end classification decisions with decision tables. The DMN Method provides a systematic approach to decomposing the Decision Requirements Diagram (DRD). The DMN Style rules, supported by the tool’s Decision Table Analysis feature, check conformance with established best practices, including table completeness, consistency, and normalization.

DMN Method and Style Advanced On-Demand Training Course shows how to use the full power of DMN using the Trisotech DMN Modeler, including logic reuse with business knowledge models, calendar arithmetic, all the FEEL functions and operators, table queries and updates, iteration, and more.

Allegiance Advisory Group

Fast Start Engagement

A team of decision experts led by the former Freddie Mac Enterprise Rule Steward, Brian Stucky, is available to mentor your organization and transfer their expertise.

Fast start foundation engagement

  • Target Audience: Enterprises setting the foundation for BPMN/DMN use
  • Duration: 1 week
  • Support: 1 DMN Expert
  • Deliverable: Foundation for building, executing, testing and maintaining decision models as well as incorporating these best practices in an Enterprise-level Center of Excellence

Fast start pilot project engagement

  • Target Audience: Enterprises with a pilot project
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Support: 2 DMN Experts
  • Deliverable: Baseline business process & decision model with foundation for management and testing in place

Red Hat

DMN Execution

The Red Hat DMN execution engine provides full run-time support for DMN at compliance level 3. It leverages the deployment model, infrastructure and tooling of the Drools platform. DMN models are a first-class citizens in the platform and an additional asset that can be included in kjars.

Trisotech, a Red Hat Partner, has worked with Red Hat to assure that the Trisotech DMN Modeler and the Red Hat DMN execution engine work together seamlessly. The Red Hat DMN execution engine powers Trisotech DMN Modeler validation and real-time testing, as well as supporting publication and cloud-based execution of decision models.

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