Trisotech DMN-Based Decision Management Suite

While the current AI fascination is fueled by Machine Learning, the architecture and application landscape is being redesigned around Microservices and APIs. These technologies are combining forces to affect many facets of business, creating a paradigm shift all around business, especially in decision management.

Trisotech provides a business-friendly environment to extract business value from these modern technologies. Line of business people can now integrate machine learning into business decisions that are explainable, auditable, and traceable and they can easily assemble business automations that orchestrate a series of microservices via modern API platforms.

DMN Releases

Implemented the DMN 1.2 ellipsis (…)

Possibility in DMN to hide implementation details in a diagram while not affecting the execution of the model.

CDS Hooks integration

Integration with medical EHR through the standard for integrating Clinical Decision Systems.

List functions that ignore nulls introduced to FEEL

Addition to FEEL of list functions that ignore null values. These are quality of life functions to work around some hard limitations of null values in FEEL.

PMML integration

Integration of Predictive Models with DMN logic as described in the DMN specification. Our engine can also execute PMML models. Our integration automatically maps PMML data types and invocation requirements to DMN/FEEL data types for a seamless experience.

REST calls in DMN

Going beyond the DMN spec, we allow users to describe (or import) REST API definitions in the Open API format. Those REST API are displayed in the Operation Library and can be used as the decision logic in BKMs. Data types are automatically mapped between FEEL and Open API.

Run DMN services from PDF files

We can execute directly a decision service using a PDF file containing form data inside the PDF.

Docker images from DMN Services

We can distribute DMN services as dockerized microservices that run on all major Docker stack.

Temporal Reasoning

Presenting at DecisionCAMP this year.

Full implementation of DMN services with logging for BI and Dashboards

Presented at DecisionCAMP last year.

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