Here are just some of the things Trisotech’s Digital Enterprise Suite
can help you accomplish in your organization.

Design Thinking and Ideation

Generate and capture high quality ideas in an intuitive and lightweight environment that enables creative thinking and problem solving.

  • Brainstorm using sticky notes for unconstrained thinking and design
  • Use recognized methods and visual canvases to help you develop ideas
  • Organize ideas and information into meaningful structures

Strategy Mapping and Analysis

Clearly describe and communicate the strategy of your organization by specifying the goals and initiatives needed to achieve your desired business outcomes.

  • Use a balanced scorecard (BSC) or other goal-setting template to capture your goals
  • Define initiatives that achieve or maintain the stated goals
  • Visually identify goals not addressed by your strategy with an adjacency matrix

Responsibility Assignment and Analysis

Effectively delegate responsibility by defining who is Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, or Informed (RACI) for various elements of your models.

  • Assign responsibility for goals, activities, systems, and artifact
  • Visually identify where responsibility is not addressed with a RACI matrix
  • Visualize the responsibilities of each individual stakeholder

Quality and Value Analysis

Ensure efficiency and effectiveness of your operations by analyzing the quality and value of the work being done using LEAN and Six Sigma concepts.

  • Define Time, Cost, Value and Quality parameters for your model elements
  • Identify the type of waste being generated
  • Visualize global Time, Cost, Value and Quality of entire project


Discover who, what, when, where and why of how things really get done in your organization.

  • Graphical electronic sticky note interface to capture and interrelate who, what, when, where, why and how
  • Extract information from existing documents with simple text highlighting
  • Elicit user stories for your various stakeholders

Visual Modeling

Use diagrams to capture and communicate your organization’s essential processes, cases and decisions.

  • Specify how thing should get done using BPMN process models
  • Describe how to react in specific contexts using CMMN case model
  • Specify the requirements and logic of your business decision using DMN decision models

Aligning to Architectures and Frameworks

Aligning to reference architectures and industry frameworks is a well-known approach to leverage best practices and terminology.

  • Specify the industry framework or architecture models within your organization to use as reference
  • Re-use model elements from various industry frameworks or from existing architectures
  • Visually verify alignment to industry frameworks or existing architectures of your choice

Visualization and Traceability

Gain visual insight and trace relationships created between all elements in your various models

  • Create and manage various versions of your models
  • Create semantic relationship between various elements
  • Visualize the complete Digital Enterprise Graph created from all data and relationships of your models

Digital Enterprise Graph

Harnesses the power of graphs with the Digital Enterprise Graph, a semantic model of your organization that fuels the reasoning capabilities of our solution.

  • Global “where-used” visualization of all elements of your operations
  • Simple and effective impact analysis
  • Effective re-use of who, what, when, where, why and how things get done

Collaborating and Sharing

Crowd source and collaborate on your projects by including all stakeholders in your efforts.

  • Initiate a conversation stream on any element of any model
  • Publish detailed reports from any of your models
  • Share your complete integrated operational models via a read only portal

Verification and Validation

Ensure early detection of errors in your operational models by verifying the structure and validating the syntax.

  • Verification and validation of BPMN, CMMN and DMN syntax
  • Expression syntax assistance with code highlighting and coloring
  • Text auto completion


Acquire new knowledge and skills and learn by experience while being supported during your progress.

  • Reference business case and example of a fictitious car rental organization (EU-Rent)
  • Contextual e-learning modules offered in context as part of modeling tools
  • Modeling and documentation best practices guides


Clearly communicate proposed changes and provide training aids with multimedia animation of your improved operational models.

  • Validate the behavior of your operational models by stepping through each activity
  • Have multimedia elements presented at each step
  • Animate integrated BPMN, CMMN and DMN models


Simulation of process scenarios can predict outcomes and improve analysis for process improvements.

  • Simple pre-defined simulation profiles
  • Detailed simulation parametrization of the time, cost, resource, control, and priority perspectives
  • Define different “what-if” scenarios using the BPSim standard

Requirement Gathering

Reduce the risk of omitted or misunderstood stakeholder expectations by eliciting and capturing user requirements.

  • Capture the user voice through user stories that describe their requirements
  • Capture process, case and decision models
  • Document goals, scope and challenges of your stakeholders in project charters

Leverage Existing Assets

Using existing material as a starting point can accelerate and greatly reduce the effort required for any innovation or improvement project.

  • Import from different file formats
  • Attach any files or url to any model element
  • Text highlighting from existing documents for quick extraction

Deployment and Privacy

Configure your Trisotech’s Digital Enterprise Suite (DES) to meet your deployment and privacy requirements.

  • Select application deployment of your choice from cloud multitenant, single tenant or even on premise
  • Safeguard your content in our secured cloud
  • Manage end users access rights from selected user provider services (Azure Active Directory, SAML, LDAP)
Deployment and privacy
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