Decision Table for Vacation Days Calculation

DMN Challenge Jan. 2016
Contributed on Aug 11, 2015

By: Trisotech

The Decision Management Community provides resources for DM practitioners, listing tools, news, providing examples and also giving a monthly challenge. As a vendor that always seek improvement, we took the January challenge using Trisotech DMN Modeler.

The Challenge

The January challenge is to create the best possible decision tables to represent the following statements, provided by Prof. Jan Vanthienen who is one of the best known experts in decision tables and a member of the DMN Task Force.

The number of vacation days depends on age and years of service.

Every employee receives at least 22 days.
Additional days are provided according to the following criteria:

  • Only employees younger than 18 or at least 60 years, or employees with at least 30 years of service will receive 5 extra days.
  • Employees with at least 30 years of service and also employees of age 60 or more, receive 3 extra days, on top of possible additional days already given.
  • If an employee has at least 15 but less than 30 years of service, 2 extra days are given. These 2 days are also provided for employees of age 45 or more. These 2 extra days can not be combined with the 5 extra days.

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