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Business Modeling Meets Business Automation

Clinical decision support as a service: A cloud-native solution

Clinical decision support (CDS) is a top priority of modern healthcare organizations. It’s perceived as key to quality of care, improved patient safety, and improved patient satisfaction. The advent of cloud-native architecture, combined with the availability of modern open standards for healthcare and IT, provides unprecedented opportunities to create CDS-as-a-Service that can handle complex decision logic with a simple business-friendly interface that provides feedback and explanation to the practitioners and care takers.

In this session, we’ll explain a CDS-as-a-Service solution that provides healthcare organizations with the capability to consume CDS services via Open API directly from within their existing electronic health record (EHR) or electronic medical record (EMR) system.

Speaking Session
Date: Thursday, May 9th, 2019
Time: 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM (EDT)
Track: Industries (Healthcare & life sciences)

Meet the Speakers

Jan Purchase
Denis Gagné is CEO and CTO of Trisotech, a global leader in digital enterprise solutions. For over a decade Denis has been a driving force behind many international BPM standards in use today including BPMN, CMMN and DMN. M Gagné is co-chair of the BPM-Health Working group and one of the authors of the Field Guide to Shareable Clinical Pathways. He is also author of numerous scientific publications, technical presentations and seminars.
Jan Purchase
Edson Tirelli is a Sr Principal Software Engineer and Development Manager at Red Hat and former Drools Project Lead (an open source Rules Engine and Decision Management platform). He has more than 15 years of experience in enterprise software development and has been working on design and development of the Drools project since 2004. For the last few years he has been involved with the specification and promotion of the DMN (Decision Model and Notation) standard as well as related research, like the blockchain.
Jan Purchase
Atif Chaughtai  is Chief Technologist, Healthcare to the Office of Technology for North America Commercial. Mr. Chaughtai strategizes with Healthcare and Life Sciences customers in implementing new initiatives to drive efficiency in the system. He also serves as the customer champion for emerging standards and technology in Healthcare.

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