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Standard-based Financial Decision Automation

Automating mortgage processes from origination to closure can be a real asset to banks, reducing costs and potentially increasing transparency. To achieve business automation, many of today’s mortgage software providers utilize outdated, proprietary business rules systems instead of international standards-based decision management systems – but that is changing quickly. Trisotech technologies are opening new, affordable opportunities for even small and medium-sized mortgage processors to automate and streamline their processes and decisions while making use of both technology and industry standards.

Based on the international Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard, Trisotech Decision Management Suite offers a software solution that allows business stakeholders and IT experts to build financial decision automation systems that are:

  • Customizable
    • Use a business-friendly cloud environment to visually manage decision requirements and decision logic.
  • Executable
    • Simple financial decisions models created by business stakeholders become executable and deployable in the cloud with a single click.
  • Auditable
    • Each financial decision input and result can be stored in an audit log for future verifications.
  • Analyzable
    • Decision results can easily be used to analyze and improve the decision logic based on performance.

World-class mortgage processing software providers like MISMO and Promontech use Trisotech products to improve their offerings and to enhance their customers’ experience.

mba-tech19 Speaking Session
Date: Thursday March 21th, 2019
Time: 13:15 PM – 13:45 PM (EDT)
Place: Bernini Room – TechXLive

Jacques Hamel, Chief Digital Transformation Officer at Trisotech

Jacques Hamel CD is the Chief Digital Transformation Officer of Trisotech and an experienced executive with over 30 years of experience in leadership and business development. A retired Armoured Master Warrant Officer, he transitioned to business in 1998 developing his first start-up called Artifact Software Inc. He launched ModSim World Canada in 2008 with his partners CAE and Lockheed Martin to name but a few. For close to two decades, Jacques has been a driving force in learning, modeling and simulation in Canada. He has held senior positions with local business partners of both Caterpillar and Emerson in Canada. With Trisotech, he supports the Customer Success, Communications and Marketing teams.

Introduction to Decision Management


The Financial Services industry was one of the earliest adopters of Business Rules and Process Management across a variety of applications. Process-centric enterprises where business rules were prevalent found these techniques to be ideal for their day-to-day operations. While the platforms evolved, the Financial Services industry went through dramatic changes culminating in the crisis of 2008. Now Decision Management, both as a methodology and a technology, has been viewed as both a culprit and a necessity moving forward in a new era of financial regulation and scrutiny. Rapidly changing regulations, increased compliance, and a need for transparency necessitate speedy and accurate application across a multitude of systems. However, traditional methods produced systems that just aren’t agile enough to meet this need – and only for the select few companies that had the expertise and money to implement.

This webinar focuses on:

  • Emerging technologies and the new Decision Modeling and Notation (DMN) standard which together can provide the agility and transparency to meet the new financial services critical needs
  • How they can enable a new set of players that were previously left on the sideline to be successful

Trisotech Decision Management Suite

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